The Replacement

First, thank you for your comments…..I read and appreciate each one however, I am not receiving them in my email and so I can’t respond. I’m trying to figure out how to remedy this. I really appreciate you stopping by.

I made a utility quilt for our son in 2001 from brushed cottons. I made it plenty long since he is tall. I hadn’t realized how much he liked and used it until he asked if it could be “fixed”. There were some tattered places at the top and bottom, just like you see in old, well used quilts. That wasn’t all, there were thin spots through out the quilt as well.

I do not enjoy repairing quilts, I enjoy making them! So…’s The Replacement! Made again from brushed cottons. The pattern is The Gathering from AQS.

Someone got comfy while I was doing the binding!

And for comparison, here are the two quilts together….the old one is still in use and probably will be until it literally falls apart πŸ˜‰

Happy Quilting, Cherie

Sunrise Serenade

Jan, The Colorful Fabriholic, sent me an inspiration picture of a log cabin quilt made with thrifted shirts….right up my ally πŸ™‚ I couldn’t stop thinking about it so pulled some shirting fabrics, then some more and then some more and got to work with my 1.5″ studio cutter die.

Then COVID hit and I began working from home. No longer having a 50 minute commute each way to work and that whole the stay at home thing gave me more sewing time……so the blocks really began accumulating πŸ™‚

Then I outgrew my design wall in the basement and graduated to the temporary, improvised design wall in the guest room upstairs.

Getting to the really dark rounds (bad morning light)

By Mid April I had all the blocks done and on the design wall.

Blocks are Finished!

On May 30 all the blocks were sewn together, woo hoo, Corona was a flimsy!! Lois, (thanks Lois!!) said, “You may not call that quilt Corona! Make something ugly and depressing to call Corona!” I think that means she likes πŸ™‚ So here it is all sewn together and I love it.

Sunrise Serenade flimsy!

I don’t have a backing yet but have decided to go with yardage rather than piecing something. I just need it to have the same vibe, you know?

Happy Quilting, Cherie


I want to rejoin the blogging world……so, I loaded the WordPress app on my phone so hopefully adding photos will be easier.

The quilt above was pieced by Julie Sefton of Me and My Quilts…. The 9-patches were from my parts department that she selected when Julie and Lynne of Patchery Menagerie came to St Louis for Lynne’s lecture and workshop for my guild.

Julie used her creativity and great use if saturated color and made this fabulous top. Then she asked if I would like it. ABSOLUTELY!!! Julie even sent binding and backing fabric! I quilted it on Sophie, used a different saturated green binding (I’m sure Julie would approve) and waited. I knew this quilt was destined for a special person at the perfect time.

And here’s the picture of the quilt in action…..covering a friend resting after surgery. Her favorite color is green so it’s perfect, right? Thank you Julie for allowing me to brighten my friends day.

For me, the joy of quilting is magnified when giving a quilt to the perfect person.

Happy Quilting! Cherie

Done, For Now

I’ve finished cutting up all the recent shirts from Goodwill and here’s the last of them.

I’ve got a bit of the sewing blahs…….I sewed the Tipsy Fox blocks (see some blocks below) into an on point setting but ended up air sewing 3/4 of the final long seam (not my fault I didn’t notice as I was watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup…..THE BLUES WON!!!!!!). Then the corner triangle are too small and using them will require timing, which I can do because I cut the side triangle oversized, but, I don’t want to make the center smaller. So I have to figure out what size square to cut that will yield triangles the size I need……..and still leave enough of the fabric to add borders…….my calculator and I are busy right now.

Happy Quilting! Cherie

Deconstruction & Art

My sister turned me on to using large TicTac containers to keep earbuds in. They also make excellent containers for corralling the buttons I save when deconstructing the shirts I get at the GW clearance center πŸ™‚

I actually like deconstructing the shirts I acquire….I know, I know! Strange, I am. Anyhoo…..I’ve got a nice pile of shirt fabric ready to pet, cut, share and admire. I’m working on getting brighter colors….not always easy because they tend not be 100% cotton. I’ve gotten to where I can tell almost by looking if the fabric is a blend πŸ˜‰

We took our dog for a walk along the Metro Bike Link trail and saw these…..kind of fun, no?

Happy quilting, Cherie