Quilt Show

I’m writing this mainly to get myself motivated to machine sew the binding on my Brooch quilt so it can be entered into the Quintessential Quilt 2007 show.  The show details are on the Circle in the Square Quilters guild website, www.circleinthesquare.org and clicking on the link on the lefthand side.  While I enjoy hand stitching the binding to the back I  don’t enjoy machine stitching it on the front.  Always seems like such a wrestling match!  And, if you look at my project list you’ll see I have several waiting for their binding.  Now if these quilts were gifts, they’d be done asap but if it can be put off, then cutting and piecing is more fun!!

One thought on “Quilt Show

  1. The saying, “Like Mother, like daughter” must be true. I too do not like machine sewing the binding on the quilt. Where did that come from?!? When you do it though, Cherie, you do a wonderful job. Does that come from Mother too?

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