More Quilting

I finished my second charity quilt and it’s ready to be trimmed. I’ll need lots more practice before I get anywhere close to even stitches since I don’t have a stitch regulator but the quilting is functional.  It’s amazing how fast it is to quilt these small quilts.

Second Quilting Project

And a few close up shots to see my first attempt at free hand quilting other than meandering.

Detail of Quilting 1

Detail of Quilting 2

And my third quilt, another charity quilt is loaded and ready to go!!!

Third Quilting Job

Another Charity Quilt

Here’s my second attempt at machine quilting with my longarm machine. I’m almost finished with it as the part at the bottom is the border. I did some experimenting and had some trouble with thread breakage. I didn’t have any trouble with catching the fabric on the rollers this time 🙂

Second Charity Quilt

First Machine Quilted Quilt!!!!

Charity Quilt Quilted

Here’s my first quilt quilted on my quilting machine. It’s a charity quilt for my guild, Circle in the Square Quilters. My mom was here this past week and gave me a refresher course on how to load the machine as well as a few other important tips………it was all the “push” I needed to get going!!

Charity Quilt Quilted

Here’s the charity quilt off the machine followed by a detail shot of my first quilting attempt. I’m fairly happy with the results and learned several lessons. Lesson 1) Do not quilt too closely to the rolled parts of the quilt as the needle can and will catch the fabric on the roll and Lesson 2) The red button will stop the machine and should be used when the needle catches any fabric on the rollers  🙁

Detail of Quilting