Webbing the Top

I am “webbing the top” ala Bonnie Hunter. Directions can be found on Bonnie’s website here. I’ve sewn the first three blocks of each row together and what you see here is the 4th block turned rightside down on top of the 3rd block. It gets a bit unwieldy but I’m having no trouble at all keeping the blocks in order and orientated the correct way. You have to fan fold the rows to get them stacked together to move to them to the sewing machine.

Webbing the Top 2


You might see where the thread (look at the green mat) is holding the rows together in this picture.

Webbing the Top

As you can see I’ve decided to go with the blue & red blocks as they are 🙂 I have a bunch of the 1 1/2 strips left and am thinking about sewing some court house step log cabin blocks as a leader/ender project next.

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