Top Completed

I finished piecing the log cabins.  I’m happy with both the size (approx 56 x 70) and the look the finish top.  I will quilt it myself, probably with a meander.

Goodwill Cabins

Here’s the First Saturday “Tipsy Fox” blocks I mentioned in my previous post.  I hadn’t realized how many we have done.  These blocks will be cut into quarters and sewed back together after mixing and matching the quarters.

Tipsy Fox Blocks 

Last I made a test block of a pinwheel pattern.  This is the block I’ll be using for a baby quilt for a Steelers fan to be……blue, red, yellow & black!!!  Glad it’s to be a baby boy 🙂

Pinwheel Block


Third Applique Block

I’ve finished the third block in the Folk Style Sampler. These are so much fun. I’ve been doing most of the work during my commute to/from work on the MetroLink . In between I’ve been appliquéing the First Saturday blocks from The Quilted Fox (I’ll post a picture of the First Saturday blocks next time).


Folk Style Sampler Block #3

Quilting Update

Here’s the latest quilting to be completed 🙂 I must be ready to move on from meandering because I was a tiny bit bored with this one. The next quilt is ready to be loaded…I had to piece together the backing but it’s all set to go.

4th quilting job

Oh, I did learn another lesson with this quilt though. I remember thinking when I pinned the backing on the machine that if I loaded the quilt sideways, I would get more quilting done with each roll forward. I evidentially forgot I planned to do this by the time I got to the quilt top because I loaded it right side up and, yes, the backing was too short!!! Had to take the whole thing off, sew another piece of the backing on and reload. While I might make that mistake again, it won’t be anytime soon!!!

Happy New Year

I’ve finally done some things in the sewing world to blog about! In the first picture you’ll see I had “help” finishing my third quilt, another charity quilt. This is Casper, one of my two cats.

Quilting Helper

Here’s the third quilt ready to come off the longarm.

Third Quilt Quilted

Here’s the fourth quilt, another charity quilt (do you see a theme?) with some quilting started in the borders.

4th Charity Quilt

Last, I received a thread catcher from a gift exchange at work and doesn’t it look cheerful? Much better than the plastic bags I taped up with blue painters tape. Of course the sewing desk is much less cluttered than it usually is since I cleaned it up for the picture 🙂

Thread Catcher 2