Where Did April Go?

My brother mentioned I hadn’t blogged in April and I just couldn’t believe it!! But it’s true. I took some pictures but never got aroung to blogging. So here’s what I’ve been up to: Update…can’t upload pictures 🙁 So, it’s off to Paducah for four days!!! Maybe I’ll have permission to upload photos when I return 🙂


I can insert pictures now 😉 Soooooo, I’ve been crocheting rugs. The first one is from a sheet and it will need another sheet or two to be big enough so that means more Goodwill shopping, darn 😉 The second one is done using fabric scraps but it takes a LOT of fabric so it might be a while before it’s big enough to call a rug.  The last rug is from old t-shirts.  I cut the t-shirts straight across the bottom in 1″ strips all the way up, stopping under the sleeves.  This yields 1″ bands (like rubber bands) which I join together just like a rubber band chain.  It’s quite a bit heavier than the other rugs and will take approx 15-20 shirts to get it a decent size.


T-shirt Rug

I was having so much fun working on these crumb blocks I had to make myself put the scraps away after making 52 six and half inch blocks. I’m not going to allow myself to make any more crumb blocks until I make a top out some of the ones I’ve done.

Crumb Blocks

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