Color Values & IBOL

Amy a la Mode has a great post about color value with the best tip I’ve received in a while…..go read her post and see about using your digital camera to help with your fabric selections 🙂

I’m getting one more bundle ready to send to IBOL….found a piece of extra wide backing fabric that I will never use (don’t ask, it was acquired while I was under the power that Paducah has on me every April).   Anyway, it makes a great bundle wrapper so I’ll be one of those folks sending out a bundle on Sept 8th 🙂

Speaking of Paducah, have you seen the announcement that the 2010 26th annual AQS show definitely will be held in Paducah this year?   I’m glad because there is something about having the whole town turned out for the quilt show that makes this one special.  We went to the Des Moines show last year and while it was nice, you couldn’t tell from the town that there was a quilt show going on.   No quilts in the shop windows, no trolly tours, no quilt channel….   There’s just something about the town of Paducah that is unique.   The show will be in the newly renovated Julian Carroll Convention Center, Paducah Expo Center and an “AQS Pavillion in the parking lot of the convention facilities”.   If you can go in 2010, you should experience the wonderful show and town of Paducah.