Proof I Made the IBOL Deadline :)

As Millie from the Darling Millie blog says, “Click to biggify the picture” and you can see that I made the deadline.  My mom has told me “I’m a high achiever procrastinator who works best under pressure.”  Since I haven’t finished too many projects lately, maybe I need some pressure…oh wait, I do, the Cards vs Sox quilt has to been done by Oct 16 and the Dino quilts have to be quilted & bound by Sept 16th.  Okay, there should be some finishing going on soon!


OOPS!! Stash Report

Here I am “forgetting” to blog about my stash usage 🙁

Not much going on this holiday weekend!  However, I didn’t increase my stash even though I made a trip to Jackman’s to purchase a package of needles for my second IBOL bundle…..the only item I didn’t have multiples laying around in my sewing room.  Did you get that?  NO FABRIC PURCHASED!!!

Here’s my inspiration for the on point 4-patches I’m thinking about incorporating into the border of the Cards vs Sox quilt.  Perhaps I’ll do both 4-patches and bars……

Unique Chinese Coins Antique

Stash added this week:  0

Stash used this week:  0

Cumulative stash added:  3 1/3 yds

Cumulative stash used:  0

IBOL Sundae & Design Wall Monday

Okay, so today is Tuesday, not Sundae or Monday, but what the heck!  Here’s my IBOL Sundae that I did actually eat on Sunday 🙂

IBOL Sundae

Here’s my second IBOL box ready to mail today.


And here’s what was on my design wall on Monday:


Yes, the Cards vs Sox quilt AGAIN…..this time with a 2 inch black border.  I’ve decided to do free pieced lettering with the solid black background and then throw in 4 patches on point randomly around the rest of the border.  I’ll see how it looks and go from there.