Design Wall Monday

This weekend was busy with the acceptance of quilts for the Quintessential Quilt 2009 show held Oct 3-Oct 30 this year.  That’s just to set the stage for what little I accomplished this weekend.


Yep, just one word, name actually, for the Cards vs Sox quilt.  That little bit of green above is a small quilt in progress but it’s a surprise so I can’t show any more than what I have here.  Those darn free pieced letters take time!  Perhaps they’ll go faster after I have more experience with them.  I also prep-ed an applique block from the Vicksburge BOM from Linen Closet Quilts.

K Eagle

Last, there’s a purple quilt in the works for DD2 and I laid out some fabrics this weekend to see if I want to use them for the Judy Laquidara workshop coming up as part of the Quintessental Quilt 2009 show.

K Purples

Fun, fun, fun……

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