Design Wall Monday and A Story

I checked the IBOL website and see the bundle total is currently at 3,436.  Wow!  I sent two and was instrumental in one more 🙂  It’s been interesting to see that some folks have sent things for Mr. IBOL, including a customized t-shirt.  Check out the picture at the bottom of the post here.

So my design wall has my completed appliqued Eagle from Linen Closet Quilts and a little bit of that project I can’t show.


I also used my design wall to show the object of my story…..

E Shirts

Over a year and a half ago, I started to make a Scrappy Mountain Majasties from mens shirts and I mentioned the quilt was for someone else.   I made way more blocks than I needed for one quilt and, NO, I didn’t plan it that way.  In fact, I didn’t plan it at all…….just kept cutting squares from all the shirts.  Anyhoo,  I made two quilt tops, pieced together two backs and made binding enough for two quilts.   Along the way, I had my close encounter with the rotary cutter which I blogged about here which is another totally different story related to these quilts.   I finished the first quilt and that’s the last I blogged about this project.

I didn’t get back to the second quilt right away, then when I did, I couldn’t find it.  I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE.  I remember having it when I showed my co-workers, my friend at dinner and at my quilt guild.  I couldn’t specifically remember bringing it home but it had been a month or more since then.   I couldn’t find it at home.  And I looked in the most likely and most unlikely spots.  Trust me, I looked EVERYWHERE and asked EVERYWHERE I’d been when I last remembered having it.  After several weeks of constant looking and feeling sick to my stomach, I finally told the recipient that I had lost it.  I didn’t blog about that because it was AWFUL, AWFUL.

Fast forward 6 months.  I’m preparing to quilt one of the Dino quilts and go to get batting for it.  There is a stack of three folded pieces of batting by my longarm so I unfold the first one to see if it will work.  Lo and behold, what do I find folded ever so neatly and safely inside????  YES!!  The second mountain quilt top!  I can’t begin to tell you the elation I felt at seeing that quilt top.   It wasn’t lost, just temporarily stashed in a VERY safe and secure place…..yeah, that’s my horrible, awful, bad story with the VERY HAPPY ENDING or it will be just as soon as I get that sucker quilted, bound and off to it’s owner!!!