Quilting with Sophie

Judy Laquidara left me a comment to get going on the TTNP (Topsy Turvy Nine Patch) quilt from her workshop and since I can’t do that until the wedding quilt is finished, I got going on the quilting 🙂  Sophie didn’t like the black thread I started with and I had to start over with the black Aurafil I was hesitant to use because I wasn’t sure if I’d run out or not….still don’t since I’m not finished.   I’m more than half way there.  I thought I’d hate the black thread but it really doesn’t call attention to itself…..perhaps because the quilt is so busy, maybe?????

Cards vs Socks Quilting 1

Cards vs Socks Quilting 2

Cards vs Socks Quilting 3

Stash Report

So I haven’t done a stash report since Sept 30th???  Wow, time flies, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s okay because there wasn’t any fabric in or out until last week and then part of it is my SIL’s fault 😉  She gave me this wonderful bundle of red pieces…..probably a couple of yards worth of fabric…maybe more but I’m only counting it as 2!

P Gift

Then this arrived:


Simon says it’s interesting and smells good.  Here’s what was inside:

package 2

Don’t you just love the gals at Z&S?  They tie up your purchases so cute!

Package 3

I love these fabrics!  The purple in back will go so well with the purple quilt I have planned.  The limey green fabric is wonderful just for it’s lime-ness.  The leaf print just struck my fancy and the navy fabric on the right will be a great background piece.   I love them 🙂

So here’s the damages:

Added this week: ~13 2/3  Cumulative Added: ~ 16 yds

Used this week: 10     Cumulative Used: ~15 yds

Net Out/(In): (1 yds)  Oops…..I’ve gone the wrong way!!!

I picked all the loose threads from the fabric off the back of the wedding quilt so I won’t have any annoying “varicose veins” showing through.  For some reason I really enjoy this part of the process…it’s soothing to me.

P Threads

IBOL Wow!!

The IBOL (Iraqi Bundles of Love) project received a total of 3,445 bundles.  Wow!!  Art has been posting about his efforts to distribute that much love and it sounds like the end is in sight.  Art is amazing, which you can tell if you read the IBOL blog but also from this:

Card 1

Card 2

I’m totally blown away by the wonderful, hand written note from Art himself.  I’m pretty sure Art didn’t make the card 😉  It’s no wonder the man said he needed sleep…..he must not have been getting any for several weeks what with logistics, thank you notes and his military job!!  Truly a soldier with a huge heart.

Monday, Monday

Yes, it’s been a few days but the camera battery died and posts are not fun if they don’t have pictures!  First off, I didn’t post last week’s design wall Monday and it still looks the same for this Monday:

Q Workshop

The only difference from the last time I posted is the lettering for the Cards vs Sox quilt came down.  I wasn’t able to complete the wedding quilt in time for the wedding but I was oh, so close.

P Cards Top

Front ^

P Cards Backing

Back ^

I will get it quilted and handed off to the bride and groom soon, very, very soon.  Yep, that’s my story.

Design Wall & Borders

Okay, I’m layering it on…….my design wall that is 🙂

Cards vs Sox

There’s the finished letters (via Tonya’s free pieced tutorial) for the Cards vs Sox wedding quilt.  See, I have to be finished in 4, yes 4, days.  Yikes!  Behind the letter borders you see my Topsy Turvy Nine Patches from Judy Laquidara,  my First Saturday blocks and a bit of the Linen Closet Quilts BOM.  Oh, and the green fabric from the project I can’t show 😉

Here’s a pic of the rest of the Cards vs Sox quilt borders.  I sure hope this all comes together.  I’m thinking their names will go on the top border and the date on the bottom but to make it a bit more wonky, I might put the date on the right side….

Cards 2