Dino Finish

I finished the binding on the Dino quilt last night and stuck in the wash.  Here it is all nice and crinkly.  This is for a couple from Australia that stayed with us a few days when they came for our neighbor’s daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago.  They were traveling in the US and Canada before going home to be married.  Last year they had a baby boy and my neighbors are going to see the Aussies this weekend so they will deliver the quilt for me.  I didn’t even HAVE to have this done until Thursday night!!  Finished early 🙂

Cropped shot of the backing to see the simple quilting.

Stash Stuff

I’ve forgotten to add my stash report on the last two DWM posts……but it’s not because I’ve wanted to ignore the stats, really, it isn’t 😉

Actually, I’ve only added ~1/2 yard in scrap pieces called  “Fox Tails” from the Quilted Fox.  I’ve used/donated 5 yds for binding and 10 1/2″ blocks for the BASICS Home Gather.

Stash Report

  • Added:  .5     Cumulative Added:  56 yds
  • Used:  5 (Binding and 10 1/2 blocks)          Cumulative Used:  15 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (41 yds)

DWM & AAQI Priority Quilt Update

First off, here’s my design wall……..it’s a Pinwheel Party!!!  With Block B-1 you end up with an extra one that I’ll save for the back of the quilt.

Check out what other quilters have on their design walls at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.

Next up, our AAQI Priority quilts have been assigned their registration numbers and are listed on the “Quilts Awaiting Assignment” page, woo hoo!!  They are 4957 thru 4968 🙂  I’ve sent the quilts out today so the pictures should be added soon.

In between watching Molly and her owlets this weekend (got to see the 4th owlet hatch!) I managed to sew the fourth Pinwheel Party blocks, get the binding machine sewn down on two quilts and load Sophie with my next quilt.

AAQI Priority Quilts

Here are the AAQI Priority Quilts from the Circle in the Square Quilt guild members who accepted the challenge to make one by our March guild meeting.   WOW!!!  Are these terrific or what?  I started my Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess duties by sending the registration emails…..I’m waiting on the registration numbers and then I’ll send them on their way 🙂


….and not just to fabric!  Check out this cool site and watch Molly, McGee and the owlets via the Live Owl Nest Box Cam.

The first owlet, Max, was a day old when I discovered the site and last night I was watching when the second owlet, Pattison, was hatched.  I even saw McGee bringing in a rodent…..he is big and loud!