Stash Report

First, I forgot to add my stash report yesterday and maybe it had something to do with my recent purchases 🙁  BUT, I have a good excuse!  I needed 3 yards of a solid for the Pinwheel Party quilt and I didn’t have 3 yards of one color in my stash, so you see, I had to order some fabric.   When you order fabric from the Fabric Shack, you have to make it worth the shipping cost so I added a shot cotton, a couple of other solids and a couple Jo Morton’s to the shopping cart.  But look, I’ve put the solid navy fabric to use already!

Added:  10     Cumulative Added:  49.5 yds

Used:  0           Cumulative Used:  ~7 yds

Net Out/(In):   (42.5 yds)  Yikes!!!!  I don’t get to count anything as used yet 🙁