DWM & Fun!

Yep, still the same stuff on the design wall.  Check out the progress other quilters have made at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.  I have made progress on the Pinwheel Party blocks:

The pieces are cut and marked for the next two blocks for both the navy and orange quilts 😉

We took a visit up north to Rockford, the land of all-you-can-stuff-scrap-bags, and I finished the binding on the second Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt (pattern via Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website) on the way.

At the Quilter’s General Store my SIL worked her magic, filling two scrap bags with all these wonderful, yummy fabrics.  She is amazing, rolling and folding all the pieces I give her and getting the bags tight as sausages, woo hoo!   The majority of them are Jo Morton’s!!

I also picked up several other pieces of Jo Morton fabrics and a spool of hand quilting thread…..sweet!

While leads us to the stash report which I HAVE to post as my SIL and Lori will be watching for it and reporting any discrepancies ;(

Stash Report

  • Added:  ~5     Cumulative Added:  61.5 yds
  • Used:  0         Cumulative Used:  15 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (46.5 yds)  


The weather in St Louis this weekend was FABULOUS!  I didn’t sew anything except a leaf or two on my Vicksburg block so the design wall looks the same as it has for the past two weeks! But other quilters have been busy and you can check them out at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.

In anticipation of the growing season, my DH purchased a rain barrel 🙂  I’ve been talking about them for a while and there’s a special deal going on for Belleville residents, so he jumped on it.

You can get details at the Prairie Rain Harvester company but it has an overflow hose which not all rain barrels have.   We get to pick it up on May 1st, woo hoo.   Now I just have to convince him we don’t need ours painted like this one 😉

Fun Stuff

Tonight I will be attending a show by Ricky Tims.  Ricky was living in St Louis and working as a church choral director when he joined Thimble & Thread quilt guild who is hosting the show.  Ricky was also a member of the guild I belong to, Circle in the Square, and many of the long term members remember him fondly and have plenty of funny Ricky stories.  We will be there in force tonight for his show 🙂

Also, The Quilted Fox is hosting Kaffe Fassett for a book signing April 19th.  I’ve pre-ordered Kaffe’s book and look forward to finally getting a peak at the book other bloggers have been raving about.  

Most exciting of all though is our annual trip to PADUCAH!!!  We are leaving in 12 days and look forward to taking advantage of a church supper, an wonderful meal at Patti’s, going to the Rotary show, a trip (or two or three) to Hancock’s of Paducah, lunch at Kirchoff’s, a stroll past the Paducah flood wall murals, being the guest of a Paducah resident in her home and, most important, the AQS quilt show, oh, and shopping!!  🙂 🙂 🙂