Design Wall & AAQI Update

I usually use Picnik to edit my photos but for some reason it’s not loading today so my pictures are worse than normal! Edited:  Pictures have been improved slightly now that Picnik is back up. Here’s my design wall.  Are you getting tired of the Pinwheel Party blocks yet???  This is such a fun quilt (in my case it’s quilts).  I’m only behind by one block and I have the half square triangles sewn for them already so there’s a chance I can catch up 🙂  Only 5 more weeks to go!  I had to remove the orange background set from the wall as there isn’t enough room for them all.

Here’s the latest orange background pinwheel block:

And how wonderful to pop over to the AAQI Priority Quilt auction and see that my quilt made the front page!!!

4 thoughts on “Design Wall & AAQI Update

  1. Congrats to your front page quilt! No big surprise: your quilt is beautiful!
    As for the pinwheels: they look great and I admire your patience. And you are doing 2 at the same time, wow! Good luck in catching up with your blocks!

  2. Good going Cherie. Keep up the momentum and before you know it you will have 2 quilt tops finished. I’m keeping my eye on the auction. Congrats on making the front page.

  3. Hi Cheri! I am an avid AAQI quilter and volunteer. One of my quilts is the little zebra in this front page photo yours was in, as well. I came over to see your ‘Design Wall’ post today and discovered all of your AAQI previous postings. Would you allow me to list you as an AAQI quilter/blogger on our database of AAQI blogs? I maintain a number of lists for Ami and would need an email addy for you if that would be ok. Thanks so much and please do keep quilting and donating. I love all of the quilts that I have seen here and your blog is quite fun and I am personally bookmarking it!

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