Quilting & Stash

I’m busy with the applique on the hospitality block #6 of the Vicksburg FREE BOM and doing some hand quilting on this wall hanging.

I’ve had the applique done for years and it’s even been basted for a couple of years.  This was a gift from my SIL and I’m sure she’s happy to see it’s being worked on 🙂  My excuse?  I’ve always known this needed hand quilting and since I’d never done any before, I needed to practice some before starting this one. You can see my stitches are big but I’m really working to keep them even.

Now, for those of you (Lori & Dar) who might have noticed I didn’t update my stash report, here it is:

Stash Report

  • Added:  1      Cumulative Added:  92.5 yds
  • Used:  0         Cumulative Used:  15 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (77.5 yds)

Here are the pieces I purchased (including a Jo Morton!!)  and they WILL be used in a 9 patch mini this year.   No yardage out yet but only 4 more weeks to go on the Pinwheel Party blocks and I’ll get to count the yardage for 2 quilts!!!  In case you are wondering that will be 12 yards used for the tops according to the pattern requirements AND another 6 yards for backings.