In My Yard

We have a hanging fern on our front porch.

It’s growing well.  This morning we discovered a surprise.

A nest!  Not only a nest but a nest made with some of the laundry lint I’ve put out 🙂  In our backyard there is a nest in the crook of the drain pipe that has been used for years, mainly by doves but occasionally by robins.  This year the doves are using it.  See the tail of the baby dove sticking out?  Please ignore the nest mess, Mrs. Dove wasn’t expecting a photographer.  I think the baby will be taking off soon.

We have lots of squirrels around our neighborhood.  Every year I plant something in a sap bucket and hang it on our tree.  For some strange reason, the squirrels ALWAYS have to mess with the plants.  Case in point this year:

I’ve taken it off the tree to see if the spike plant will recover!  My SIL planted a spike plant in it last year after I told her I wasn’t planting anything in it because of the squirrels……. and the squirrels left it alone…..I thought I’d be safe following her lead…….go figure.

My DH and DS installed our rain barrel today, yea!!  We’ll be having rain later this week so I’ll be using rain water on my plants soon 🙂