After getting our rain barrel installed, I waited patiently for the predicted rain to come on Monday…..no rain.  There was a single LOUD clap of  thunder, but that was all.  It was supposed to rain on Tuesday……no rain.  No rain that is until very early Wednesday morning when it started raining cats & dogs!.   I’m happy to report my rain barrel is filled to the brim and the overflow hose does, indeed, work 🙂

On the AAQI front, my quilt sold for $60!!  Thank you, TexGal, for your winning bid!  Of the 12 quilts we sent in, four were included in the May auction.  Six of the quilts (#4967, #4966, #4964, #4962, #4960 & #4957) were placed in the “Quilts for Sale” area and three of them, (#4957, #4960 & #4957) have sold already!!!  That brings the total raised so far to $455 for Alzheimer’s research…..YEA Circle in the Square quilters!   Here are the pictures of the quilts still in the for sale section…you know….in case you need one for a gift 😉




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