Pinwheel Party Parts

I made 36 half square triangles last night for block 11 (D-2) of the Pinwheel Party quilts.  Over the weekend I managed to get all the pieces cut for the remainder of the PP quilts AND mark the sewing lines for the half square triangles.

Dawn-Marie commented on Monday’s post about my perfect points.  They aren’t perfect but they are pretty good 🙂  I used to –hate– squaring up my half square triangles and always had less than satisfactory points which I blamed on everything except not squaring up.  Once I finally gave in and started squaring them up, my points have improved a lot!  It takes less time to square up than to fiddle with the blocks, unsewing and resewing to get them within my tolerance for point-i-ness.

I was lucky with the orange background fabric I used for the second, spur-of-the-moment, Pinwheel Party quilt.  I knew I’d have enough fabric for the blocks but probably not for the sashing and borders……as it turned out I had enough for the sashing but not the outside border (I’m okay with this) with only this much to spare.   Not bad, huh?

I sewed the last two seams on the center of the Downy Touch of Comfort quilt, too.  I have a couple of the 4-patches left over so I’m thinking about piecing them into the backing but maybe I’ll just want to hurry up and get it quilted………