Sophie, Say It Ain’t So

I had high hopes of getting the third Downy top quilted last night.   All signs were positive….a spare piece of batting was the perfect size, the provided backing was wide enough so I didn’t have to piece it and Sophie was running well the day before.   I realized I wouldn’t have enough of the blue Aurafil thread I had been using so I switched the top thread to a Superior variegated blue thread and kept the blue Aurafil in the bobbin.  Well, the variegated thread frayed and broke almost right away.  Last time I tried Star thread this happened and I immediately went back to Aurafil and everything was fine.  This time I thought I’d adjust the tension, thinking I can make this work, after messing with the tension, changing the needle and much frustration……. I took out what little quilting I’d done and switched to a green Aurafil for both the bobbin and top threads.  No luck, the thread was still breaking and I was getting skipped stitches 🙁  It’s not like I’m even quilting something that would cause needle flex!   Sophie, I’m sorry, if you only like Aurafil, I’ll never use anything else but please, please, please start working like my perfect little Sophie again.