Another Design Wall Monday.  Go to Judy’s DWM post for links to other DWM posts.  Here’s my design wall.  Yes, the half hexies are hiding behind the Downy Touch of Comfort quilt.  I was too busy bonding with Sophie to get the rows sewn together 😉

I quilted this it with free style flowers and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

I  also finished the log cabin quilting and a second Downy quilt.

Here’s the finished tile block.  I had lots of fun working on this and have another one started.  It will be awhile before I work on a third one as I have another Vicksburg FREE BOM ready to applique.

I continued working on the half square triangles for the Pinwheel Party sashing.  I hope to have the pinwheels for at least one of the quilts done by this weekend by working a bit each day.   I’m quilting one more Downy top tonight and then maybe one other charity quilt before I load up another one of my quilts.

Quilting & Kitties

Here’s a shot of the quilting I’m doing on the log cabin quilt.  Don’t inspect too close as I’m an amateur but still in all I’m pretty happy with it.

A while back a gray striped cat adopted us and we named her Rail.  Mind we really didn’t want another cat but she needed a home as she was dumped, along with her kittens on our street.  Our neighbors, the husband which is allergic to cats, took a liking to her as she would join them on walks with their dog…..the cat has a lot of dog traits.  Over time they discovered that as long as the husband washed his hands after touching Rail, he didn’t suffer allergic reactions to her.   So a little over a year later, they officially adopted Miss Rail kitty with the understanding we would provide cat sitting services when they are away.  With that set up, here’s a picture of Miss Rail making herself quite at home in our house this week while her parents are away.

This quilt is perfect for napping

She is a cute little thing.  Of course I have to include some gratuitous pictures of the resident cats or suffer the cold shoulder from one or both them.

What quilt block???

I got off the quilt block so she'd better leave me alone!

It' soooo hot!

And I tried auditioning some fabric for alternate blocks for another 9-patch quilt but I’m not loving it.  What do you think?

Another DWM Post

Can you believe it’s the middle of June already?  It was hot and humid outside this weekend but in my sewing room it was nice and cool 🙂  Here’s my design wall.

All the pieces have been sewn into rows on the half hexie quilt.   Once I got into the zone, I could pretty much line up the two hex pieces by eye which sped things up a bit.    I alternated sewing the hexies with the HST’s for the Pinwheel Party sashing.

There are 188 HTS’s in the stacks above….just waiting to be cut apart, ironed and squared up.  These will be the sashing cornerstones…. too cute!  I also finished the 12th and final blocks for the both the PP quilts, yea!!

I also spent so time with Sophie working on the quilting for this log cabin quilt (pic taken before quilting).  If you remember, last weekend didn’t go so well but this time it went much better and the quilt is about half way quilted.  Please visit Judy’s Design Wall Monday post here to see more Design Walls 🙂

Vicksburg 7

I finished block 7 of the Vicksburg FREE BOM on the MetroLink this morning.

I realized, horror of horrors, I would finish the last leave well before arriving at work leaving me with no hand work!!  I dashed downstairs, quick cut a square of background fabric and stuffed a handful of scraps in a bag.  Whew!  Saved by the tile quilt.   There are several folks working on modern tile quilts as can been seen here.   I had a heart go all wonky on the Vicksburg block above so I’m using it as the first piece of my tile block.  Think I’ll leave this project in my work bag permanently to keep me out of trouble just in case 😉

WOW I Won!!

Just this past weekend I was thinking I’ve never won a blog giveaway.  Some of the giveaways are so wonderful they make you really want to win.  Well today, I did win !!!  🙂 🙂  !!!  🙂 🙂 Yippee!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Scott Hansen of Blue Nickle Studios.  I won the giveaway on this post.  I love that I won the post with the pictures of nickels being painted blue 😉  Here’s the goodies from Market I won.  Looks like a purple bag….I LOVE bags….you can NEVER have too many bags 🙂

And here’s a picture of those goodies with the bag of fabric I won!!! You can never have too much fabric either.   WOO HOO!!