Hot Design Wall Monday

Wow has it been hot!!  We received a break in the temps which are only supposed to hit 88 today but the forecast has them back into the 90’s with HIGH humidity so heat indexes will again be in the 100’s.   Yuck 🙁  I did some sewing in my somewhat cool basement so here’s what’s on my wall:

I’m thinking about using this Kona green for my grandmothers flower garden blocks….nice, bright & fresh.   See those 1/2 sq triangles?   They are for the new quilt I started this weekend.  I was able to get the block pieces cut and the triangles sewn & trimmed to size.

Believe it or not, this is a gift for a wedding which makes more sense when you know it’s a Steelers/Pirates/Penquins themed quilt.   And the deadline is Sept 1st!!!  I also sewed some more of the Pinwheel Party sashing for the navy quilt so it’s still coming along 🙂

Be sure to check out Judy’s DWM post to see how other quilters are fairing in the heat.

6 thoughts on “Hot Design Wall Monday

  1. Love all of the projects on your design wall. It looks like my real design wall. I have 4 projects on it right now and one on my table.

  2. Cherie, great design wall. All the bright items on it makes me feel right at home. I enjoy your projects and am looking forward to seeing the completed wedding quilt so don’t forget to keep us updated.

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