Aug 30 Design Wall

Happy Monday!  Go check out Judy’s Design Wall Monday post to see a bunch of other design walls 🙂  I added a couple of more crumb star blocks to my wall.

I finished the Steeler’s quilt and got it in the mail Saturday so Sunday I worked on adding borders to the First Saturday Kaffe Fassett blocks.

Here you see half of the top.  It really grew and is something like 100 x 72…wow-za.

Edited to Add:

Stash Report:

  • Added:  0   that’s right, nothing in :) Cumulative Added:  108.5 yds
  • Used:  9.75  (Pinwheel Party Navy top and sashing & borders for Kaffe top)     Cumulative Used:  38.75 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (39.75 yds)  Woo Hoo, under 40 yards net in….think I can be a zero by year end.  Nah, me either 🙂


Last year at about this time Art, the IBOL Guy, put out the call for some bundles of sewing (or knitting) supplies to be distributed to women in Iraq, Iraqi Bundles of Love, IBOL.  Well, he’s organized it again this year…..and he’s not even stationed in Iraq any more.  Way to go Art!  There are two types of recipients this year, directly to the women and, new this time, to sewing co-ops, yea!!   Here’s a picture of one of my bundles from last year.

If you are moved to create a bundle, which you can send in a flat rate USPS box to an AP address, go here and leave Art a comment.  He’ll send you the AP address.  The only catch….bundles must be mailed by Oct 1, 2010!  On the right side, under Pages, there’s a link to suggestions of what to include in the box…..fabric, of course, but also buttons, scissors, pins, thread, beads….. 🙂

Bonding with Sophie

Last night I got the Steelers quilt loaded.

I had picked up some bottom line poly thread in gold and thought it would work well for this quilt.  I adjusted Sophie’s tension and after about 45 mins got her sewing pretty well.  After a couple of starts, I figured out I need to quilt at a slower speed to avoid having the thread break.   I only quilted the top border and first row as my patience had run out.  I do like the look of the gold thread, though.

Since I was done quilting for the night, I thought how nice it would be to just sew……. so I made another free pieced scrappy star 🙂  These make me happy.