On the Wall

On my design wall I have round 7 of the SAHR along with some of the blocks from last week.

Here’s the SAHR in more detail.  Round 7 was the last pieced blocks so for round 8 we begin embellishing.

I’ve been plugging away on step 5 of RRCB getting more squares cut, sewn & trimmed.  I have more than 100 trimmed so I’m at least 1/6th of the way there 🙂

I had a bad sewing weekend.  Despite a special trip to The Quilted Fox to by white Aurafil thread for the animal quilt, Sophie was not a good girl.   The problem this time wasn’t with frayed thread.  Nope, she’d sew along nicely for about 12″ and then the top thread would break…..a nice clean break as if it was cut.  Then when I tried different things to solve the problem, I started getting large portions of skipped stitches.  I didn’t try long because I was fit-to-be-tied.  I mean seriously, I dread trying to use Sophie.  She was so nice when I first got her and now it’s just one long exercise in frustration.  You’d think $4,000 would make life easier.  Heck, I should have just hung up my long arm days when Cranky went bad.  GGGGRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.

Then I switched out the thread on my featherweight and I couldn’t get the tension adjusted on it to save my soul.  So that means I didn’t get any sewing on my January 2011 UFO Challenge, Moon Glow or quilt the pink reproduction quilt either 🙁

I spent some time cutting fabric because my rotary cutter still worked.  These are blocks 4 & 5 of Barbara Brackman’s block-of-the-week.

Happy Quilting, if your equipment works :-[

First Sat Blocks

I finished up my First Sat blocks last night more than a week ahead of time!  Of course, I haven’t shown any more progress on my 2011 UFO Challenges yet, have I?  I wonder why….. 🙁  After reading about the quilting troubles with Kelli’s quilt in this post, I’m even more gun shy to load Sophie up and get quilting.

Monday Design Wall

On my design wall this week are sections of the lap quilt project from Moda found here.  This was the project selected by Teajuana for the scrap club I went to on Saturday and I pulled all the fabric from my strip & square bins with a few cut off actual yardage.

Over on Judy’s DWM post you can check out what other quilter’s have on their walls 🙂  In other sewing news, I got the backing to the animal quilt finished and continued working on the 600 half square triangles for step five of RRCB.

Included in the picture are cut off ends from RRCB step 4 which I sewed together…….maybe they will be the start of my next AAQI Priority Quilt.  I also finished the third block in Barbara Brackman’s Civil War sesquicentennial block-of-the-week (BOW).  I like it 🙂

Stash Report:

  • Fabric in:  5 (Kona Cotton – 2 yds bone for animal quilt & 3 yds for another baby quilt)
  • Fabric out: 5 yds for animal quilt top and backing
  • YTD Fabric in:  9.5
  • YTD Fabric out: 5
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 4.5


Here’s my (late) FNSI results.  I cut all the pieces for this quilt.

My excuse reason for not getting it posted yesterday is that I spent Saturday at Teajuana’s Scrap Club.   They meet once a month for a sew-in on scrap projects.    Since Saturdays are DH’s only day off, I chose to spend what remained of the day with him, thus the late posting 🙂  Trust me, I made the right choice 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie