Another Tile Block

In my work bag I have a small quilting bag with thread, scissors, needles and scraps.  When I’m not organized enough to have a prepped applique project with me, I use the scraps to make tile blocks.  I finished my third one on the way home on the Metrolink last night.  These are really quite fun and I have no rules other than I use the scraps in the bag.   I just felt like making a blue tile block 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another Tile Block

  1. Wow! i just LOVE your new quilt block-can’t wait to do lunch and see how you did it-I just studied it for a few minutes and I can’t imagine how it went together! You get SO much done- can’t imagine how you have time to work! Love to see what you have been quilting-love your blog! Also, since I am on a “love” streak- how about Darleen’s St.Louis quilt- just beautiful and what a thrill to be “seen” at Paducah! Karen has a few more busy weeks but maybe she can fit us in after that! Hugs!

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