Back from Italy!

Aviano, Italy

Aviano grape vines

Reason for traveling to Aviano  Italy, priceless!

Absolutely beautiful!!

Lily & Grandma in Venice

And how about some quilt-y content?  Like a finished quilt?

Lily’s quilt (pattern here) (check out the blue Aviano sky!)


6 thoughts on “Back from Italy!

  1. Wonderful pictures and Lily is beautiful & looks so big for only being a few weeks old. Any pictures of Mom and Dad? And glad you got back safely. Wondered if the volcano in Iceland would interfere with any of your flights.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful precious baby. I love her name too.
    So…now are you ready to have lunch?

  3. The beautiful pictures of Italy- how I wish i could have gone on this trip with you!- are only surpassed by the gorgeous reason to be there! Liliana is just so precious and I know how special she is to you both! Has a little hair, huh? She’ll need a pony tail scrunchie soon! She truly is a doll and i am only sorry she is so far away from you!
    I so love reading your blog and seeing your pictures- you get so much done and are so talented! I study each and every picture! Hope we can fit in a lunch soon tho Karen is still chasing herself around and around! Hugs!

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