Fabric Bonanza

Before leaving for Italy the Goodwill Clearance Center opened up.  Here’s the picture of some the shirts I scored.  The lime green is actually a piece of fabric….more than a yard!

Well the day before I left for Italy a friend and co-worker brought me an LS (Little Surprise).  She’d been back to the GW Clearance Center and snagged me 8 pounds of fabric.  Do you know how much 8 pounds of fabric is???   I didn’t until I returned from Italy and investigated my wonderful gift more closely.

Yes, all of this fabric weighs 8 pounds!  The best part is her story is she found the fabric under a huge pile of stuff and she starting pulling it out just as a woman on the other side of the bin saw what she was getting and starting digging for it too.  My friend say she was digging and pulling as fast as she could to get as much as she could.

Turns out that there is 13 yards of the striped print on the left, 3 1/2 yards of the striped print on the right and two yards of the other four prints for a total of 24.5 yards!!  AMAZING!

Happy Quilting 🙂

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