Wonderful Gifts

I received a wonderful gift.  It’s hand made, selected just for me and took a lot of time to complete.  A.  LOT.  OF.  TIME.  Which means I must be very special 🙂  So what do you think of it?  Isn’t it wonderful?  My DSD (dear step daughter for the uninitiated) made this as a birthday/Mother’s day present.  Thank you so much….it means so much to me.

So where might I hang this?  Well, I spend a lot of time in my office at work, so what better place for something that was made especially for me and makes me smile when I see it?  (And don’t even comment about my messy desk 😉 )

And here’s the other gift – the last of the 600 half square triangles for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll waiting to be trimmed.  Woo hoo a great gift to myself 😉