Vicksburg Progress

Sometimes I let projects marinate. 

Sometimes there’s no specific reason except they don’t have a deadline. 

Sometimes it’s because things aren’t working out like they should. 

Such as the borders for the Vicksburg free BOM from Dawn Heese on her blog Linen Closet Quilts.

The border segments are longer than the swag applique piece.  I finally decided to applique the corner swags starting at the sewing line, leaving the “short” bit at the ends that will meet the middle swag which will be centered.  I’ll fill the gap created where the swags come together with an appliqued oval.  Here’s left hand swag (picture take on my ironing board that needs recovering) followed by a right hand swag, both of which I’ve finished this week.  I have a total of 9 swags to do, so with 4 done I only have 5 left 🙂


Happy Quilting, Cherie

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