Storage and Strings

Here are updated pics of the bunk bed sewing table after the mattresses were removed.  Look at all the space 🙂 

Most of the puzzles there are from the Goodwill Clearance center, score!

See the large boxes?  One is empty so there’s even more space than it appears.  Woo hoo!  See the Vicksburg quilt laid out and ready to sew?  Well, it’s not ready.  The setting triangles were not cut right and there isn’t enough fabric left to cut more which means I have to decide on different fabric.  It was hard enough deciding on the fabric for the borders!

I’ve continued to have fun sewing red strings.  They aren’t going as fast as the blue strings……perhaps because they are larger?

Happy Quilting, Cherie

One thought on “Storage and Strings

  1. Sorry your setting triangles turned out wrong–operator error is so maddening. Good job on all that work to get the mattresses out and earn some more storage space. My sister is eager to find a good used ping pong table for her quilting room.

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