Hearts for AAQI

I’ve finally finished hand quilting my AAQI hearts.  If you remember I was supposed to have this finished to send in with all the rest of the Priority quilts from my guild.  I’m late, late, late but I’m almost there.  As the temporary quilt registration goddess, I feel bad about not getting mine done but I did complete my registration duties…….our quilts are 9058, 9059, 9060, 9061, 9062, 9063, 9064, 9065, 9066, 9067, 9068 and 9069.  Not all the photos have been loaded but I’m sure they will be soon.

I bought this fabric on a whim a few years ago and thought it would be perfect for the backing.

Here’s a picture where you can see the quilting 🙂  I plan to get the binding on this weekend and drop it in the mail on Monday…..finally.

Tomorrow on Judy’s blog the 2012 Color Challenge quilts will be posted…….I have mine started and I hope to finish it tonight.  Whew, nothing like cutting it close, right?

Happy Quilting, Cherie