Daffodils, Jonquils, Oh My!

I have a great fondness for daffodils.  Their short bloom period is part of what makes them so special and signals the change from winter to spring.  They need little care, multiply prolifically and make great cut flowers……all wonderful reasons to love the daffodil.  Here are a few of the spots in our yard that have daffodils:

Can you see Casper watching me from the garage 😉

The photo above is the strip between the houses where tiger lily’s grow as well as volunteer trees which I cover with cans to keep them from sending out side shoots.  Just explaining what the rusty cans are doing here…..you can’t see them when the lily’s come up.

2 thoughts on “Daffodils, Jonquils, Oh My!

  1. Cherie, Very pretty. It makes me want to get outside my yard and take the “few” daffodils that I have. I didn’t know about covering volunteer trees with cans. I try to pull them up, but they always come back or the birds plant more!! (trees and weeds that is).

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