AAQI June Auction & Traveling Panties

How’s that for a post title?  LOL  The AAQI June auction started today and here’s my pick for the big money quilt, 9618 titled Fans:

This is one of Martha Wolfersberger’s and I’m not betting against her quilt this month!  She has a second one in the auction, 9620, Posies, and I was torn between the two of them.

And doesn’t this one make you laugh?  It’s called Stash Envy #9656 by Christina Crouch and I love it!

Two others that were in contention are Tuscan Countryside #9720 by Paula Dean and Red Robin #9796 by Marijke Op den Camp who resides in The Netherlands. 


Which quilt do you think will raise the most money this month? 

Now on to the Traveling Panties……Ami Simms, the founder of AAQI, has a spring offering to dye your undies and become part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties.  You can see last year’s announcement here.  I think I received this year’s announcement via an email and I was ready….I’d already purchased a package of new undies in anticipation of this spring ritual 🙂  Check ’em out!!!  This year’s dye job is the best ever!!  Don’t they remind you of dyed Easter eggs?


Happy Quilting, Cherie

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