Going to Houston

Well, I’m not going to Houston but two of my Priority quilts are going!  Amish Strings and Love Lifted Me are no longer on the AAQI Quilts for Sale” page…..they’ve been move to the “Hoarding for Houston” page.  I have to say I’m jealous, because I want to go the Houston quilt show…..maybe someday……If you are at Houston, be sure to stop by the AAQI booth and say hi to my quilts 🙂

Amish Strings #9650

Love Lifted Me #9651

3 thoughts on “Going to Houston

  1. Oh, how I would love to join your little quilts, AND my little quilts and see the show in Houston…especially the AAQI section! I look at the photos of the booth and all the volunteers and literally drool! Maybe someday, we will get our own chance to go. I’m keeping my hopes up and I bet you are, too! Until then, your donations are darling and just the kind I love. Best of luck on raising lots of money with them 🙂

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