Fun Things

It’s mine, it’s all mine 🙂  It is Kristin Shields‘ Iris Dreams I quilt….AAQI Priority quilt #11,083.  It arrived this weekend and it has a spot on the wall in my office at work.  

And speaking of AAQI, the auction ended yesterday and there were 6, yes 6, quilts that sold for more than my pick for the highest bid quilt.  One of them was Rosy Dawn which was my favorite but here’s the highest bid winner, Log Cabin Sampler by Audrey Arno selling for $195.  Audrey has made 371 Priority quilts for AAQI and raised over $23,000!!  Isn’t that amazing?

And look at the wonderful LS (little surprise) I received from a friend at work.  Aren’t these spools colorful?  I love them!