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No, I’m not fishing for them but rather want to know if you are having any trouble leaving them on my blog.  For some reason folks were not able to leave comments…something about a bug in the software??  My web guru made a change and I’m wondering if it’s working.  Let me know at izoofan2 AT hotmail if you can not leave comments….that is if you want to leave comments….maybe you don’t…..which is fine…..not trying to twist anyone’s arm 😉

I’ve been checking out the new AAQI quilts for sale and really like this one by Carol Hamilton from Wentzville, MO, which is just the other side of St Louis from me 🙂

And it must be the change in seasons but this one has caught my eye as well :-O

Sugar Skull Reversed

Which is the reverse of this one 😉   Both of these are by Jude Edling of Blue Earth MN.   The town must have been named by a SciFi fan, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “Comments & AAQI

  1. If you’re considering their purchase…go for it, I think they are all just great. Jude is a member of my own Liberated Challenge I have to say I do love her great sense of fun!

    Your comment box did refuse my google/blog email addy, so I had to use my backup one to post this!

  2. There are some seriously awesome quilts in this month’s auction – check out Marlene Woodfield’s 10,628 – A Soft Place to Lane. That’s my fav right now, but it changes almost daily!

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