On the Wall

I’ve added a couple of things to my wall and it’s getting crowded 🙂  I love checking out all the projects bloggers have on their design walls….hop over to Judy’s DWM post to see them all.

I have the 6th Grandmother’s Choice block, Aunt Eliza’s Star, done….twice.  Yes another “uniquely” sized block for the back.

I also finished the hand piecing part of the Sunflower block…..

I also finished up the Sept First Saturday block….on Friday night 😉

Also, Wednesday is the final day of the AAQI auction….my pick for highest bid, The Rescue,  is still in the running!

I made some free pieced, un-rulely letters for Tanya of Lazy Gal.  She’s making a very special quilt and I hope my letters aren’t too late…… 


Stash Report –

  • Fabric in:  0 yards
  • Fabric out: 0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in: 117.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 66 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 51.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie