A Few More Blocks

I’ve been trying to get the rest of the Civil War replacement blocks done so I can start sewing the blocks into rows.  

I’m much happier with this one:

which replaces this one:

Just something about the color choices I didn’t really like…..

Then I made this one:

to replace this one because the white/black print is really thin and I just didn’t want to chance it in the quilt:

And now I need to make a replacement for the replacement!   There just isn’t enough value difference in the flying geese to bring the block design out.  DARN!

Celebrity Invitational AAQI Quilt Auction

Well, it appears I’m a bit too late to give my predication for the quilt receiving the highest bid in this month’s AAQI Celebrity Invitational Quilt Challenge.  There’s one over $1,000 already!!!  But I’ll pretend I didn’t look here and make my predictions anyway.  Here are the quilts:

They are all wonderful but I’m quite fond of Becky Goldsmith’s:

I also like Ricky Tims’, especially that you don’t immediately know it’s his:

Then Pat Holly’s – what’s not to love?

But then there’s Hollis Chatelain’s – really intriguing as I find most of her work.

And Caryl Byer Fallert’s – love the fall family of colors.

But I have to agree with the folks that are putting their money down, my pick is Diane Gaudynski’s.  I’m certain this photo doesn’t do it justice.  See another picture on Diane’s blog here.

This should be an exciting month for AAQI with all the Priority Quilt being sold in Houston and the fabulous invitational quilts being auctioned.  In fact, the last hour of the auction may well be the most exciting part 😉