A Few More Blocks

I’ve been trying to get the rest of the Civil War replacement blocks done so I can start sewing the blocks into rows.  

I’m much happier with this one:

which replaces this one:

Just something about the color choices I didn’t really like…..

Then I made this one:

to replace this one because the white/black print is really thin and I just didn’t want to chance it in the quilt:

And now I need to make a replacement for the replacement!   There just isn’t enough value difference in the flying geese to bring the block design out.  DARN!

One thought on “A Few More Blocks

  1. By the time you finish with this quilt, you will have made enough replacement blocks to make another quilt!! Don’t you dare through the first ones out!! They will do nicely for a backing on a charity quilt or runner. I do like the ones you made secondly better.

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