Monday, Monday

I’m not good at naming quilts and I’m not any better coming up with names for posts, lol.  I have multiple projects close to completion and I should be finishing them.  Even so, nary a one is any closer to completion.  My mojo just hasn’t been there so I’ve been sewing scraps into crumb blocks and making a few free pieced letters.

I have loaded the Double Time log cabin quilt on Sophie but I haven’t quilted anything except in the margins. 

I completed another Grandmother’s Choice block, #28 Ocean Wave.

So the design wall is getting crowded with all these blocks…..I’ve completed 26 and there are 49 total.

I should be binding three four quilts, putting borders on one two quilts and preparing an applique block but what am I doing?  None of those things 🙁  On a happier note, here’s a pic of the fabrics I reported in my stash last week…….in the yellow/cheddar vein and I’ve already used the one on right for Grandmother’s Choice block #27, Grandmother’s Dream.

There’s no change in the stash report….


Stash Report for 2013

  • Fabric in:  0 yard
  • Fabric out: 0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in:  19.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out:  0 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 19.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie