Monday, Monday

I’m not good at naming quilts and I’m not any better coming up with names for posts, lol.  I have multiple projects close to completion and I should be finishing them.  Even so, nary a one is any closer to completion.  My mojo just hasn’t been there so I’ve been sewing scraps into crumb blocks and making a few free pieced letters.

I have loaded the Double Time log cabin quilt on Sophie but I haven’t quilted anything except in the margins. 

I completed another Grandmother’s Choice block, #28 Ocean Wave.

So the design wall is getting crowded with all these blocks…..I’ve completed 26 and there are 49 total.

I should be binding three four quilts, putting borders on one two quilts and preparing an applique block but what am I doing?  None of those things 🙁  On a happier note, here’s a pic of the fabrics I reported in my stash last week…….in the yellow/cheddar vein and I’ve already used the one on right for Grandmother’s Choice block #27, Grandmother’s Dream.

There’s no change in the stash report….


Stash Report for 2013

  • Fabric in:  0 yard
  • Fabric out: 0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in:  19.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out:  0 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 19.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy, girlfriend! I absolutely ADORE your sampler blocks! You reminded me that I was going to do a few samplers using up scraps in certain colorways. Guess that will have to wait a bit! Stunning log cabin. Please post a picture of it when it’s quilted!

  2. I really like your Double Time log cabin quilt, Cherie. How do you plan ot quilt it?? Sounds like you have been busy doing lots of things even though you say you haven’t finished anything. I’m there with you too. We’ll get it done eventually, right?

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