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I started the year long scrap club project.  It’s paper pieced.  I hate paper piecing.  That’s what caused me to procrastinate but I love the project and thought if I worked at it, maybe I’d get to where I can live with paper piecing….at least for the duration of this project.  I’m happy to report I have a system that is evolving and is, as far as I know, uniquely my own……maybe I’ll explain it after I get it down pat.  Anyway, I’m getting a tad bit faster and find using a washable school glue stick to hold down the first piece (tip from Bonnie Hunter) is a big help.  Of course the first thing I noticed in the picture below is my backgrounds are not mixed up…..that will never do!  The project is the Christmas Flag by Tina Curran in Quilters Newsletter.  I’m going to keep at it and hopefully my determination will win the day and this project won’t turn into UFO 🙂


I finished another scrap club project…well the top anyway.  It was windy out but the colors are pretty close to accurate.  It’s a prefect size for a throw and while I’m not thrilled with it, it’s not bad either 😉

Scrap Quilt 1

2 thoughts on “Start and Finish

  1. Why aren’t you pleased????? I think it looks great!!! LOVE your adventurous spirit and the colors. I’d never be brave enough to try it and it looks wonderful! Good work!!

  2. Oh, love the new quilt top! I hope you feel more enthusiastic about it once it is quilted–sometimes that is key 🙂

    Paper piecing and I are not friends either. Good for you for persevering–your trees look great!

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