Quintessential Quilt 2013 Show

Our guild, Circle in the Square Quilters, directs a judged and juried quilt show every other year.  The University City Historical Society manages the finances and applies for a Regional Arts Commission grant and the University City Public Library hosts our show for an entire month in their gallery and atrium.

In the gallery….

    Gallery ShotIn the atrium where you can see the library setting (pay no attention to the  weaving suspended in the middle….it’s not part of the show 😉 ).

Lg Quilts in the Atrium

Atrium Large QuiltsEveryone can enjoy the show as it’s free and the Library is open until 9pm on week days.  While the guild directs the show, it is open to anyone to enter.  These are reasons I like our show so much. 

I entered my applique quilt “Vicksburg” which was a free block of the month from Dawn Hesse of Linen Closet Quilts and won honorable mention in the Traditional Large Quilt category 🙂

VicksburgI’m in good company because I placed right behind Ricky Tims’ quilt he made with his father, Northern Lights, which took second place 🙂

Northern Lights by Ricky TimsOne of the things we did this year was a design wall and the library staff tell me it’s been VERY popular and looks different every day!

Design WallAnother picture of the gallery….don’t you love the cat quilt by Connie Barnett?

Wall Quilts in the GallerySuzanne Marshall won Best of Show with her “The Beastiary’s Whale” wall quilt (this photo does NOT do it justice!)

The Beastiary's Whale by Suzanne MarshallI like this quilt by Judy Humphries because it reminds me of my dad…..who calls these rusticles 🙂

For Sale BR549 by Judy HumphryWe’ll be taking the show down on Saturday and it’s a bit sad.   The library always looks a bit bare afterwards.



A Month

That’s how long it’s been since my best quilting friend passed away.  She went into the hospital at the end of April after her brain cancer treatments left her with no white blood cells.  Essentially she remained in the hospital until the end.  A day hasn’t passed that I don’t think of her.  Many times I want to talk with her about this or that, show her something or think Darlene would really like this.  You know you’re best quilting buddies when you arrive at First Saturday wearing the same things 🙂

Darlene & Cherie

Somehow Darlene always seemed more put together than I felt….could be because she always tried to be at the same weight by her birthday each year.

We went to the AQS show in Paducah together at least least 9 times that I can remember by were we stayed.  I think there might have been a few more times as well. 

PaducahMeet Me in St Louis DarleneOf course the best trip was when Darlene’s St Louis quilt was in the show 🙂

We also took a trip to the AQS Des Moines show and stayed with Darlene’s sister, Marge. It was a wonderful trip in that I got to see and hear stories about Darlene’s growing up years.  Most exciting of all was to see the sorghum mill that was built by Darlene’s father and continues to be run by her sister’s family (check out the Maasdam Sorghum here)  We both had quilts accepted into that show.  It was the first AQS show in Des Moines and we figured we’d have a better chance of getting in 🙂

darlenedarlene-asianbrooch We often commented how we made the best traveling companions….I’m more spontaneous, Darlene was a planner, I liked to drive, Darlene always let me, we liked to see things together and then were comfortable going on our own and meeting up at a set time, we were both up for trying new things and we both LOVED quilting. 

My life was enriched having Darlene as my friend.  I cherish the memories with her and miss her daily.