Log Cabins from Shirts

Here’s what’s on my design wall late this Monday evening.  I’m linking up with Design Wall Mondays so check out what other quilters are working on. 

DWM 11-18-13

I read how other quilters have this problem with starting a new project when they should be working/finishing other ones.  How do you stop it????  Look what I did………I started another project when I should be finishing two other ones!  The brown thrifted shirts were calling me and I couldn’t resist the urge to start a log cabin quilt.

Log Cabin 1Should I set them like this?

Log Cabin 3Or maybe like this?

Log Cabin 2Or maybe like this?  I’m leaning towards this one and since I have 100 blocks that are 7 1/2″, it should make a nice graphic quilt, IMHO.  Guess we’ll find out as I finish up the rest of the blocks.

4 thoughts on “Log Cabins from Shirts

  1. Life isn’t linear – why should our quilting adventures be limited to one thing at a time? NOT! Did you notice the Multiple Project Disorder button my blog? SO true at my house.

  2. Cherie, I love log cabin blocks and know what you mean about starting new things when you have a list of UFOs that need finishing. What about a barn raising setting.

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