Brown Log Cabin Quilt

So I needed to decide the layout for the brown log cabin blocks.  These are made with thrifted shirt fabrics. 

Brown LogCabin BlocksI’ve made a barn raising layout before:

Recylced CabinsRecycled Cabins August 2010

I thought about a fields and furrows layout but the chevron layout won the day.

Log Cabins SymmeticalSymmetrical Chevron layout

What if I made it asymmetrical?  

Asymmetic Log CabinsAsymmetrical Chevron layout

Oh, I like that.  So here is the brown log cabin asymmetrical quilt top with the vertical rows webbed together.  All that’s needed is to sew the rows to each other and I’ll have a flimsy 🙂  I’m piecing the backing from the leftover shirt pieces so it will take a bit more sewing time before I’m ready to quilt this.

Brown Log Cabins

Happy Quilting, Cherie