Hello 2014!

I have a great feeling about 2014.  I just know it’s going to be a great year, both quilt-wise and otherwise 🙂

I am participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year and the RSC2014 color for January is blue.  Specifically bright & dark blues.  I’d like to make two blocks each month so I’ll have 24 blocks to make a rainbow quilt at the end. 

I snuck off to the GW Clearance center again for some last minute thrifted gifts (that’s the rule for this particular holiday exchange – they must be thrifted 😉 ) and look what else I found. 

GW FindsThe one below is a fabulous red with a great pattern but it’s a dud…….97% cotton and 3% the dreaded spandex.  Isn’t it a fun, strapless summer dress though?  It’s in perfect shape and washed up beautifully.  Any size 7’s out there???  Oh well, at $0.79/lb, it’s nothing to cry over except that I just love the color & pattern.

GW DudI lost my best quilting friend, Darlene, in 2013 and I still think of her everyday.  I’m sure I will continue to think of her everyday in 2014 and that’s a good thing because I can continue to relive our great times together and be comforted that she’s watching the fabric fly 🙂  Here’s to you, Darlene!


One thought on “Hello 2014!

  1. Cheri, great picture of you and Darlene. I think about her a lot and remember the times I spent with her doing fun things. Your GW finds look really good. I am going to try to participate in the RSC too. Here’s to a good 2014 for quilt making.

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