Strings & Things

Since my box of blue strings was out……I sewed up a few 6 1/2″ string blocks.  I’m either going to cut across the strings and insert a contrasting strip of fabric or make half square triangles.  Guess we’ll see what happens 😉

RSC Blue StringsThe last time I was thrifting shirts, it was evidently orange/peach day.  Which is what happens when you’re looking for bright purples and greens, right? 😉  Here’s the shirts I showed previously followed by my half of the shared shirts that I picked up last week.

GW HaulGW OrangePeachThat’s a total of 7 shirts with orange/peach in them.   Here are all the “shared” reclaimed shirts…..adding to the stash, again.

GW ThriftedI won the door prize at our quilt guild meeting last night and this was the prize. 

Door PrizeOne of our members worked at one time for Mary Engelbeit and she donated this bundle…..I’m SO very glad I won 🙂

Door Prize 1