First let me establish the fact that I’m not sure who’s to blame.  I think it’s Lynne’s fault for showing this adorable, irresistible flying pig fabric on her blog the other day.  Don’t you just love the pig going over the seat back?  And the one with the beanie on?  And they’re reading the New Pork Times, for goodness sake!

Flying PigsMaybe the root cause is Julie because she issued a “Flying Pig Quilt-along” challenge that Lynne accepted which in turn had Lynne acquiring pig fabrics.  But Julie says it’s all Nancy’s fault, so it’s either Lynn’s, Julie’s or Nancy’s fault. 

Any way I slice it, I’m sure it’s not MY fault I had to get some pig fabric.  And I certainly can’t be blamed for some on-sale, really cool fabric jumping into the shopping cart with it, now can I?  I mean Fabric Shack could be blamed for the sale fabric but I wouldn’t have even been looking if not for the flying pigs, right?

Fabric Package

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