Quilt Helpers

My quilt helpers often “arrange” quilt blocks for me….such good helpers they are.  So when I saw a DIY kitty hammock made from a box and t-shirt on this post on the Pictures & Paragraphs blog, I knew I wanted to make one for my helpers.  There was zero cat interest at first except to retrieve the treats I put in it.   Then there were a couple of sightings of a cat in the bottom or “the basement“.  Not quite what I intended.  Several months go by with no cat action at all.

Thinking the hammock was too close to the top or “ceiling”, we turned it upside down.  Then we caught Casper sitting on top.  They just don’t get it, do they?

Kitty HammockThen, wonders of wonders, I get a text.  Look who’s in the kitty hammock, Simontacchi!!   🙂

Kitty Hammock 1

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