RSC Catch Up

I finished up the rest of the liberated churn dash RSC14 blocks.  They aren’t trimmed but they are together 😉  So the DD likes the blocks with the strings as the background.

Liberated Churn DashIt also makes these blocks, the negative of the ones above,and they may or may not be heading to someone who said they would take them 😉  I like them both.

Liberated Churn Dash in NegativeI got the adapter so I can use Go dies in my Studio Cutter and got the Go the peaky/spike die.  I cut some scraps to try it out.  It worked perfectly and, boy, the pieces went together so nicely.

Peaky Spike Go DieI’m thinking they could be used for a pieced border…..hmmmmmm, I’ll have to think on that.